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Jewelry Display Frames


So I have this little problem with jewelry  -  I just really, really like it ALOT!  I  do enjoy designing and making my own jewelry this and so my collection just keeps (somehow) expanding!


    I saw this idea for these jewelry frames on another blog (Which I have to admit I cannot remember which one it is now!  I promise I will do a better job next time so I can give proper credit next time!)  But look at these - 


Nice huh??

  So here is my version - 

IMG_2315 IMG_2313
I had these cheap, dated old 8x10 and 5x7 frames that I had really hung on to for too long and here is what I did to transform them:

1.  Applied a couple coats of coffee colored acrylic craft paint for the base.  Let dry.

Now my frames were not shiny in finish at all so I didn’t bother sanding them, but I think you might want to if yours are)
2.  Applied a coat or two of off white acrylic craft paint
3.  Sanded all the edges lightly for a “distressed” look
4.  Necklace Holder - The hooks were shiny gold so I gave them a coat of  Krylon  Hammered Silver finish spray paint.  I found these hooks for less than a dollar a package and they are the “nail in” type of hooks.  You could use decorative knobs or vintage hardware too!
5.  Earring holder - Heavier gauge beading wire was perfect for stringing across.  I staple gunned a staple partway in and looped the wire around twice before pounding the staple in the rest of the way with a hammer.
6.  Bracelet & Earring holder – I found chicken wire at Menards cut it with wire snips and then staple gunned into place.  Be sure to staple it to the “inner” part of the frame so it does not lay flat against the wall.  Getting the chicken wire cut into place is a little tricky and you might want to wear protective eye gear and gloves!!
Voila!  Now I have a spot for at least some of my jewelry!
Pottery Barn price = $29-$49 each
My price= around $1 each
Just think of all the jewelry I can make/buy with that savings!
Hanging these on my wall just shows me how badly I need to do some updating in my bedroom though.  These walls have never been painted.  UGH!  Fall project?

Stacy  – (June 28, 2010 at 5:06 PM)  

Puhleease excuse me while I am in my learning curve. So for the life of me I cannot get that right hand border to work out! I WILL get this figured out yet!

Manda Renee  – (June 29, 2010 at 12:25 PM)  

OK seriously? My earrings all lie in a tiny little box, all knotted together, and I have been wanting a way to organize or display them better so I can choose a pair quickly. I LOVE THIS! I will need help though, I am not creative at all :-(

Mel  – (July 28, 2010 at 6:54 PM)  

Stacy! So good to see you again.

Great job on the frames and those hooks are adorable.

Careful, I started out with one thing, which lead to another and so on and so on...well you get the picture :)

How's life?

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